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About Hightower Healthcare.

At Hightower Healthcare, we help our clients get a dignified and independent healthcare lifestyle right at the comforts and safety of their own home. To this end, we carefully assess and fully understand our client’s individual needs and we selectively place trained personnel to meet specific requirements.

Moreover, we believe that we stand out from the rest of our competition due to the fact that we have the ability to provide any type of home support activity that you need or want. Be rest assured, all of our services are carefully designed to meet your specific requirements as well.
The staff at Hightower Healthcare IT consists of Administrators, Directors, Staffing Coordinator, Therapists, Qualify and Seasonal Instructors, Registered Nurses, CNA’s and HHA’s. We are pleased to meet the needs of the clients in the community. Additionally, we assure you that our staff will remain professional, caring, and discreet throughout the course of facilitating your care plan.

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  • Keep Patients First
  • Pursue Excellence
  • Keep Everyone Safe
  • Manage Your Resources
  • Work Together
  • Qualified Staff of Doctors
  • Easy and Affordable Billing
  • 24x7 Emergency Services

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